Grophuset 1/Industry-Logistics

In the middle of the fast-growing commercial district of Svågertorp, and neighbours with both IKEA and Media Markt, is Grophuset 1 – a 4,055 m² property with huge potential to grow and develop. The good communications make the location hard to beat: from Svågertorp it is 18 minutes to Copenhagen Airport, 19 minutes to Malmö Airport and just 11 minutes by train to Malmö Central Station.

Grophuset 1 was built in 2010–2011 and the black facade gives the property a distinctive profile. Here you can easily combine offices and manufacturing, and the detailed plan also provides for retail use. With a site area of 33,445 m² there is fantastic potential for extension and expansion. The Hyllie/Svågertorp district has plenty of lunch restaurants, the area is well-frequented and it is easy to get here by car, train and bus, as well as bike.

Designation Malmö Grophuset 1
Location Hyllie
Address Långhusgatan 7 och 9
Ground 33,445 m²
Area 4,055 m²
Parking 200 spaces
Construction 2011
City plan DP 5139